April 11, 2012


It only took almost 4 years of BYU Intramurals to finally get this shirt.

But hey! No matter what it took, I will forever have a CHAMPION shirt, and I feel quite alright with that :)

Plus, it's good to have a shirt with the word Intramural on it so I know exactly how it is spelled.  I now know it's not supposed to be spelled "Innermural," like we make it sound.  Note to self: Maybe I should make a shirt with all the Utah pronouncings of words.  You know like: Moun-in (the one you climb) , Crans (Crayola) , Ages (that come from Chickens) .... Yup, I think Innermurals will fit in just fine.

1 comment:

  1. That would seriously be an awesome shirt, I support that idea fully. While you're at it, make me one too! Thanks! Oh, and congrats on the victory! Domination!!