April 19, 2012

Randomocity 2.0

I found this little treasure yesterday as I was passing by the copy room downstairs.

We have our championship game for the Spanish Fork Women's league tonight, so hopefully we come away with another "CHAMPION" shirt rather than something like this.... haha although this is pretty funny.

Yesterday a bunch of good things happened.  I had the best conversation with Kay on a matter that has deeply troubled me lately.  She certainly hit the point right on!  (I was going to use a hammer and nail reference, but couldn't quite figure out how it was worded.... it's early)  I love that feeling when someone completely gets you and makes a comment that feels like they picked it straight from your brain.  That's why I've got my besties :) 

"Matilda: I became...
Hansel: What?
Matilda: Bulimic.
Zoolander: You can read minds?"

Thought process for above movie quote:  Best friends are like mind readers --> instant movie quote recollection, "You can read minds?" --> google search --> insert quote --> Realizing that this quote doesn't fit like I thought it would....  Oh well.  :)

ANYWAYS, incident #2 from yesterday happened when my dad and I were filling up the blue bird with gas.  Since he's fancy and gets his gas for like $1.25 (it used to be 69 cents not too long ago), there are limited places that offer this gas to such special people.   One place is the Flying J.  Filling up next to us was a man from somewhere that gave him an awesome accent.  He made a comment at our price for gas and chuckled.  He continued on to say that he spends about $700.00 every day on gas.  Hmm..... I think I'm feeling a lot better about Veronica's drinking habits.  She and I would have to split if she ran that sort of bill.  Things are always better when they are put in perspective ya know?

Next up, I had a strange thought this morning while we were driving to work.  Here it goes. 

Why do we call toasted bread, toast? 
"Pause for effect"

If we used the same formula as present above for naming food items then scrambled eggs would be called scramble, creamed corn would be called cream, boiled potatoes would be called boil and the list could go on and on. 

My conclusion, we are weird. 

Second conclusion, this probably came about because someone was too lazy to say toasted bread, so they shortened it.  This person obviously had to be extremely good looking and had great style, so everyone jumped on the bandwagon.  Now, 20 years later and everyone in the world calls it toast.  Okay maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but who knows where it really came from, and I think my conclusion is quite a possibility.

P.S. Anyone pick up on the 2nd movie quote....? We just watched it on Sunday.... it's possibly one of my favorites. A gold star to whoever can guess the movie!

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