April 3, 2012

Blissful Boarding

Longboarding.  Is there not a rose that smells as sweet?  That's not it? hmm... looks like I need to freshen up on my Shakespeare. Either way, the point is that there is not much in life that is sweeter than the bliss Longboarding brings.  Parker and I had a chance to board around the town for a bit on Saturday since it was sooo warm!

 Sheesh I love the sun.  We took a few pictures, and sent some to Jordan last week.  He made a comment about how Parker happens to be wearing his shirt, glasses, hat and is using his longboard.  Nice.  :]  I just assured him not to worry because I would be more than happy to help him on a shopping spree when he got back. 

Parker and I were hanging out, laying on our longboards when a series of unfortunate events happened.  My longboard rolled backwards just slightly which then caught my hair under the wheel.  I tried to lean forward but it only pushed the board back further on my hair.  With a lot of breaking and ripping sounds I finally got out of the mess.  I reached around and found this not where it's supposed to be.  Not only do I have patchy eye brows, now I have bald spots in my head!  It's hopeless.

Speaking of Jordan, he just got transferred to Kosovo!!!!  He'd been in the same place for 9 months, and now he's moving to another country!  Luckily he doesn't have to speak a new language, but we did find out that there are only 50 members in the entire country!  Jordan's work will definitely be quite the impact a few years down the road.  He's working hard, loving it all, and I'm sooo proud of him!

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