April 12, 2012

Dashingly Dirty

Okay this is like 6 months late, but I found these pictures today and figured I had to post them! These are from the Dirty Dash 10k race last year which was hands down the best time I've ever had running! I watched my friends do this race the year before and thought I knew how crazy fun it was going to be just by watching them slip and slide everywhere. Nope, not even close. I didn't even begin to know how great it was until I ran it myself. The obstacle course sent us up, down, in and out of mud puddles, swamps, fire hose blasts, slip n slides and slippery walls and I couldn't have loved every second any more. As an added bonus, you came away from this race with rock hard abs because you were laughing the entire time. It was quite the experience, and I highly recommend it to ANYONE! I'm not going to deceive you and say you could wake up and run it tomorrow. Yes you should train a little so that you don't hate life (unless you are Kaylyn/Karlie and can just do that sort of thing), but honestly I know that anyone could do it. Check it out at www.thedirtydash.com and watch the video that pops up. If nothing else, it will make you smile :)

 Meet the "Dumb as Mud" Members:


Yes yes, we had to have a butt shot. :)


  1. Ha! I cannot just get up and run these things crazy! Love all the pictures though. Also, I am very proud of you for getting an intramural championship shirt! (I'm commenting on both blogs on one-killing two birds with one stone you know) That is very impressive, wear it proudly. And we all know how much we like our shirts to say champion on them haha