May 2, 2012

Music to My Ears

Not literal music, but I've been CRAVING one of these today.....
I feel odd just going out and buying one though.  For some reason my brain is telling me the only time a Symphony bar is appropriate is if I buy it at Reams, in a King Size, and it's for my favorite teacher or for random people's Christmas presents.  Odd. 

In speaking of music, I just bought Maroon 5's new lovely tune called Payphone.  WOW, Maroon 5 has done it again!  I have to say, I am oddly drawn to Adam Levine's voice.... even though it is just as high as mine.  NBD.

Have a good day in May!


  1. As a wedding gift the father of one of the members of Maroon 5 gave us their new CD and the cover was signed by all of them! Needless to say, Bronzson and I are now huge fans of them! You should buy the whole CD, it's FANTASTIC!

  2. Are you kidding?! Oh my gosh I'm obsessed with Maroon 5!!!!! Which CD is it? That's really cool... I need to be friends with this father... haha