May 25, 2012


Looking at concerts for some reason.  Remembered that warped tour should be coming up soon.  Curiosity got to me and so I looked up the band list.

All Time Low
Breathe Carolina
Mayday Parade
We the Kings
You Me At Six

It's going to be quite the show this year!  Looking at the bands I got really really excited, but also very nostalgic.  Warped tour is a lighthouse moment for me.  (movie reference: What Happens in Vegas)  It is a special memory that I visit if I ever need to remember a time when I was truly happy.  I went twice, and both times were fantastic.  Each hold different treasured experiences in their separate memories. 

#1 - Ashes showed me how to Warped Tour it up in style, taught me that you ALWAYS meet the band, invited me to take an interest in meeting random smaller bands trying to make it big and showed me how to push your way to the front every time. 

#2 - Put a little cement in the bonding of my relationship with my brothers, gave Kay her very first spray painted t, showed off our loyalty (rain or shine) and re-affirmed my love for music.

I would love to go back, but I think Warped Tour is better as a memory this time around. I'd like to remember it when I was jumping around amongst all the sweaty people, desperately reaching to touch Rian Dawson or maybe Gabe Saporta, rather than being one of the people that stands in the back watching all the madness take place. 

P.S. I love the word nostalgic.  It just sounds cool.  Everyone that says it has always sounded cool, so I finally looked it up in the dictionary.  I believe it will find its way into my vocabulary quite nicely. :)

P.P.S I did just find out that All Time Low has a new CD out!  Of course I bought it! It's waiting patiently for me at home, ready for me to enjoy this weekend.  Can't wait.  

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  1. Hehe I still have that T-shirt and I still LOVE it!!!