May 7, 2012

What's up Weekend?

I love weekends. A break from work and a chance to relax.  Plus, hang out with some besties! Anisa and Bronzson are in town now and I'm so excited for the fun we'll all have together! Maybe if we're really good we can convince them to never leave!  ;)

Here's a photo dump of the recents:

Karlie sneaked out!
Woops now Todd's gone...

I'm really sad this one is blurry, it's such a good one of Jake and Kar!

My first Reeses smore!

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point!

My new running shoes!!!!! 
Fully committed, no turning back now.  Ragnar here I come! 
My view for the past few months.  I love watching these guys and Todd does such a good job coaching!

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