April 20, 2011

Elder Jordan Tyler Francis

Today was the day that one of my best friends left his family and friends to serve the Lord. Last night Jordan was set apart as a missionary and that was a really fantastic experience. I wasn't going to be able to make it at first, (but then I realized who is in charge) and randomly my class got out just in time for me to speed down to Mapleton. He has turned into such a responsible and confident man and I am so proud of him. Of course for some reason my body associates the feeling of pride with crying, and so without my control there have been some water works the past few days. Luckily I've been able to keep my cool and not have to deal with gasping sobs. That in and of itself is a blessing for anyone around me.

All last night my mom went through Jordan's whole suitcases and explained detailed instructions for usage, dosage and washage for everything she had packed. It took about 4 times longer than it probably should have due to sarcasm and humor, but nevertheless it was still entertaining to sit and watch. After, Jordan and I went through his room and 'de-junked.' Or in our house that means, "give to someone else so that it may clutter their room instead of mine." I scored with all my new treasures!

This morning the whole family went to Cracker Barrell for breakfast after finally convincing Jordan that he could in fact leave the house as a missionary. Breakfast was great, and we had fun, but those stupid butterflies would not leave my stomach. After taking a bunch of pictures, it finally came time for us to pack up and head to the MTC.

I couldn't bring myself to talk much on the way there, because the pit in my stomach just wouldn't allow it. We drove in, parked next to a bajillion waving missionary hosts, unloaded, snapped a few pictures really quickly and left. Of course, not before I got a final hug. Again, I felt sooo proud of my little brother for being brave enough to venture off into the MTC and then off to Albania. And again, pride equaled tears.

I love you Jordan.

P.S. For my own selfishness I'd like you to hurry it up and come back already, but I know you will be the best stinking missionary Albania has ever seen. God be with you till we meet again.

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  1. he's going to be so amazing out there!!! you're such a good older sister:)