April 8, 2011


Okay okay.... Princess and the Frog previously was my favorite Disney princess movie until this came out.

It is so stinking funny!! I love all the characters in this movie, especially this guy. haha so great!

Kay, D rag and I saw it last night in 3D at the not so dollar theater. There were a few cool 3D parts that I had to sit on my hands to resist from reaching out and grabbing the lantern (oh wait I did actually reach out and grab for it), but for the most part 3D isn't anything toooooo crazy. It is pretty cool that we have the ability to view things in 3D though! The best part is that I kept my 3D glasses, and when I put them on outside of the movie theater everything around me is still in 3D!! It's so great! ;)

Really one of the biggest reasons why I love this movie is because for once Disney made a princess movie with a full family. Usually all Disney movies have only one parent around, but this one Rapunzel had both parents and they were both fantastic people! At least I assume they were as they were the King and Queen... although those two weren't very chatty... Granted Rapunzel did live with the crazy lady that kidnapped her for 18 years, but still, she found her family and they all lived happily ever after!

P.S. I just researched all on the kidnapping statute for my research class, so I can tell you whether or not this actually constituted a kidnapping if it were to take place in Utah. Fascinating, I know.

So at the conclusion of this post I would like to recommend this movie to each and every one of you and that a happily ever after will surely come shortly thereafter!

P.P.S. wanna know something else super great?!


Hooray!! Sheesh we have such a good weekend ahead of us. Let the fun begin!

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