April 4, 2011

Happy 4 day!!

Today is a day that is better than almost any day. Today is 4 day. April 4th (4/4) is my favorite day because we get two 4's instead of one this month! I can't wait until I'm 44 in year 2044 on April 4th. Oh yeah, it's going to happen. Not really, but it would have been awesome. Maybe I'll lie about my age on that day. Who knows if blogs will even exist, but if they do, you better believe there will be a blogtastic post that day. I already missed 4:44 am (barely) and so I'm really looking forward to 4:44 pm... and trying to come up with 4 awesome things I can do at that time. Any ideas? There is really no other reason for this post besides the fact that I haven't posted in awhile, and to make you all aware of the greatest day ever! At 4:44 pm today, I hope you take a second and do 4 crazy cool things. So far, all I've got is 1) give a high four to a stranger 2) celebrate with 4 friends 3) sign up for a soccer league as #4 and 4) wear a 4 pendant that I made out of a paperclip around for the rest of the day. Obviously I'm needing a bit of help in the creativity area today.

HAPPY 4 DAY!!!!!!!!!

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