April 7, 2011

Something Tells Me We Should Celebrate

I've decided that for the most part, packaging makes or breaks an item. As shown above, this bottle looks like a party is about to happen and I want to be invited. Although this same bottle could be covered in a brown paper bag and I would start to get uncomfortable... even though inside it is still just bubbly apple cider. Now the boxes of Rocky Mountain chocolates made me want to re-enact I Love Lucy and play "taste tester" for the day. Sooo good.

I received these wonderful items from work which were sent by another attorney in our area. Huzzah for how likeable my attorneys are and for how they love to share their goodies! Immediately when that green bottle was set on my desk I felt a spark of excitement inside of me. Is it the fact that it looks like a cheap imitation of a bottle of wine? Who knows. I never remember what sparkling cider actually tastes like anyways so why else would I be excited? I brought it home and received the same excitement from my brother. We felt all fancy when we found an occasion to create a toast to and to finally "break open the bottle." Well looks like we still have some work to do on the fancy part because we drank it from paper cups, no clinking or swirling. However, we were celebrating conference so that's toast worthy right?! ....Irony?

Conference brought a lot of golden nuggets this time around! I loved spending time with my family watching conference, always do. and going to dinner with Kaylyn, Terryl & my mom for a girls getaway during Priesthood session. I also had the wonderful opportunity to join D-rag (the nickname he proudly gave himself....?) in the Sunday afternoon session and boy was that great. The spirit was so strong throughout all the heart felt messages that were shared. Conference never fails to humble, motivate and rejuvenate me. I'm excited to start in on re-reading/listening to the sessions so I can pick up on where I overlooked. Also, with all the talk about marriage I'm curious to see how many engagements arise within the next few months. Bring on the flood of receptions! Joking aside, I do think that everything said was needed for one person or another, and everything I heard, I needed. I loved having two people in front of me that were frantically taking notes on each talk given. Curious, I leaned forward to see what they had both just written on the last talk. To my surprise their notes were not even close to the same. What a great lesson: The spirit speaks to each of us individually, our Heavenly Father knows each of us personally and the messages we specifically need to hear. Thanks.

This weekend also brought a few more surprises......
All I could think about was how I could definitely handle listening to our Prophet's voice from here....

Come on Utah.... realize that Winter is now being selfish. Give summer a chance to shine. :)

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