March 17, 2011

Bald Spots

I have a confession to make. However, before I make my confession public, I have to first give some background information. For whatever reason, my hairs come out easily. Specifically I am talking about my arm hairs and eyebrow hairs. Yes I shed my long head hair quite often (anything black can attest to that), but the real phenomenon is the looseness of my arm and eyebrow hairs. So since this hair is so loose I sometimes enjoy picking at the crazy sticking up arm hairs to pass the time. It doesn't even hurt. Usually this happens when I'm bored, or sitting through a long church meeting. Ready for the confession?
When I get stressed out I pick at my eyebrow hairs.....
It sounds super weird, I realize this, but they just come out! What am I suppose to do?! The problem is that the more I pick, the less hairs that are left to make eyebrows. The worst part is that currently I have a bald spot in the middle of my right eyebrow - which I am quite embarrassed of. I have to admit, it has happened before, but Kaylyn, Karlie or Anisa will usually slap my hand and tell me to stop. I snap out of it and the eyebrows remain intact. Thanks guys. However, none of the three have been around me often enough lately at no fault of their own, and the life that I have chosen to live has graciously let me know how incompetent I am. Thus the combination of these factors = bald spot. Sad day. I keep trying to slick my eyebrow hairs back to cover it up, but unfortunately there aren't many hairs left to come to the rescue. This is the time that I wish I was a potato head and could say, "Oops, I forgot to put my eyebrows in today!" and it would be normal that I didn't have any. For now, it's still not exactly normal, so I'll just have to sit on my hands, or maybe put tape over the eyebrow hairs I do still have to preserve them. Do what you gotta do right?

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  1. I love this because it is so true, you have actually got me picking at my own eyebrows now...