August 22, 2012

#28 - Almost

So this morning I got really excited to blog about a bucket list item that I accomplished yesterday.  I sat down and tried to piece together how it happened, to make sure that it sounded just as awesome as I thought was and to make it comprehensive.  Then I realized I couldn't figure out how it happened.  Frustrated, I retraced my steps.  Okay yesterday I went to work, went to our softball game (don't worry, we DOMINATED), came home and we played Ticket to Ride with my family.  Hmm......   Then the realization hit.  It was in fact, just a dream.  (insert sad emoticon here)

This type of experience really makes me believe in the movie Inception that much more.  I swear to you I felt like my dream was really happening.  Now since the wind has sufficiently blown from my sails, and in order to bring you to understand how disappointed I am that this didn't actually happen, I'm going to tell about my dream.

Bucket list item #28: Run through a car wash

*Think Little Rascals when they run through the paint shop trying to catch Alfalfa and get painted blue, or in Cinderella Story when the evil twin step sisters go through the car wash.  *

Dream:  I pay my $5 and walk into this dark warehouse.  In front of me is the car wash, with all squirting machines in order. There is a line that has formed behind me.   I walk forward onto a black mat (one like hairstylists use to make sure their feet don't die from all that standing) and a loud beeping begins.  I look up and a big square brush is coming down, which then forces me to get on my stomach so it can scrub my back and head.  I move forward (now somehow standing), and a blast of streaming water hits me on all sides.  I open my arms (because it needs to be clean there too!) and then move forward.  Two spinning soapy foam/rag arms come at me and nearly knock me over with their vigorous scrubbing.  Again I walk forward and another blast of warm water hits me.  I am moved forward to a high speed drying fan that makes the skin on my face and arms get all stretched and blown around. (think automatic hand dryers that make the skin on your hands all funny looking from the blowing power)  Then I'm done and as happy as a lark.

Now I'm really starting to realize it's a dream because afterwards I remember that we all got in little shooter cars that used unwrapped starbursts for fuel and ammunition.  Nevertheless..... it was still the most awesome imaginary experience I've had in awhile. 

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