August 7, 2012


Alright Alright I know that I have a massive post ahead of me, but I am sort of putting off taking the time to upload my millions of photos.   However, I just wanted to say that I've returned from the happiest place on earth with plenty of good memories!  I really had so much fun being with Todd's family, they truly are amazing people. 

Since I've been in sunny California the past week I suddenly want to be a beach house livin, surfin', tan skinned, blonde waves and coral toes kinda girl.  It's true, they certainly do have "more bounce in California than all y'all combined."  [Hold up. Now this song is stuck in my head. I looked it up and MUST share the lyrics with you.... haha so great.]

 We got more bounce in California
Than all y'all combined

We got more bounce in California
We like to party all the time

We got more bounce in California
Where the hustlers all reside

We got more bounce in California
Rollin' easy when we ride

What I'm getting at is that......

haha have a good Tuesday.  I'll be back with plenty of awesome things to share about Disneyland!!

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