September 17, 2012

Come on Down!!

This last weekend Todd and I had the awesome opportunity to go see the very first showing in Utah of.....

Unfortunately neither one of us were called down for a chance to win amazing prizes, but we still had SO much fun!  Todd Newton (a recent award winner for best game show host, and host of Whammy) and the guy from the old game show Supermarket Sweep (one of my absolute favorites) did such a good job hosting the show. They were hilarious!  Todd and I had so much fun screaming "HIGHER" or "2! 2! 2!" and by the end my face hurt from all the smiling and laughing.  We decided the next time we're in California we are going to hit up the legit Price is Right.   This one was a traveling show that was still really awesome, but definitely not as grand as the real one.

Todd also was able to try this fav of mine for the first time before the show!

And.... some pictures :)

Too much pizza......

This lady was TERRIBLE! One the first guess
the hiker got all the way to 25 (the top).

A man from the military got 1.00 exactly!! It was awesome!

Bucket List #16: Check!

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