September 26, 2012

I'd Like to Retire Now, Thank You.

Yesterday we started the tournament for our coed softball team!  Our first game..... not so great.   Well the ending wasn't.  We played really well throughout the game, just couldn't pull it out in the end.  I happened to catch a pop fly in left center. NBD, just a nice little personal victory for me!  Okay, maybe it wasn't such a personal victory, I did do a little dance and threw my hands in the air in excitement.   Todd just shook his head and laughed.  :)

Second game the score went back and forth and everyone was hitting so well!   7th inning came around, the time was up and we were last at bat.  Score: 10-15 them.  We had a lot of ground to make up, and to be honest.... I was doubtful.  So we cheered everyone on and finally things started dropping for us!  By that, I mean that we couldn't get a strike pitched to save our lives.   Normally we all have a little too much pride to walk, but at a time like this all of us decided if we can walk everyone to get some runs, we'll have a fighting chance.   So it continued.  Jeff was walked (even though you could tell it pained him to do so) with a girl walking behind him, then Matt walked (barely, you could tell he wanted to hit it so badly), then another girl, then Kurt hit a few people in. Now I was up.  Two strikes on the board, so I knew I couldn't get out.  So, I walked up there - super cool strut, and got in my "I'll-pretend-I-know-what-I'm-doing-stance."  Well..... Strike.  Apparently I wasn't ready for that one.  Next pitch.... perfect.   It was one of my best hits, right between 2nd and short stop and just over their heads in the gap!  I hurried my legs to first base and was beaming just to know I didn't let my team down this time, I made it on base!  Little did I know, it was a bit more than just making it on base.  Everyone started walking back to the dug outs and my team was flooding the field.  I couldn't figure out what was going on, and I was quite confused.... Wait! ....but I made it on base! They didn't call me out!   Everyone was giving me high fives and I finally asked, "wait is it over?  Did we win?"  Everyone screamed, "Yeah!! We were tied at 15's and your hit sent Camie home to finish the game!!! You won the game for us!!!!"     Wow.

After the game all the little nieces and nephews were calling me to come out.   Once I did, they told me to lay on the grass.  They are too cute to resist, so I did, and they performed a proper victory doggy pile.   Corbin said, "Hailey! You won the game for us! Now we can come back and watch again, and play with our friends!  Thanks." haha best. fans. ever.  If I'm being honest with myself, it's probably a good thing I didn't read the score board, and didn't realize the pressure I had to get on base.  Thank you blonde hair.  I think I'll keep you. :)

Oh and you know I did a celebration dance all the way back to the dug out.  And maybe one in the parking lot.  Domination. 

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