February 12, 2013

All My Single Ladies!

Unfortunately I don't have a man to sing me KC & Jojo this Valentines Day - Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby..... - so Holli and I are going Beyonce style (her old style I guess, since now she's married) this year!  I write about this to let all my single ladies know that they are more than welcome to join us to watch the new movie Safe Haven this Thursday evening.  In addition to watching the epitome of a chick flick, we will probably also fill our time creating dialogue for all those first daters (like in the movie Date Night) and maybe even make a Coldstone run afterwards.  Who's with me!

Plus I'll be doorbell ditching some Valentines gifts to randoms that night to keep my tradition alive.  This year I really had a struggle trying to figure out what to get.  I planned on making some delicious sugar cookies but then my mom mentioned awhile back that she wouldn't eat anything homemade that some random person dropped off on her doorstep for fear of contamination.  Although this was after we received two sketchy looking cupcakes on our doorstep.... understandable.  Also one time when I thought about dropping off a plate of homemade cookies to a police officer in my neighborhood for letting me off a ticket my mom said that even if he knew who they were from he probably wouldn't be able to eat them and would end up throwing them away.  Sad.

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the need to be realistic about potential poisons or the unsanitary kitchens that the homemade goods could have come from, but it's still a little sad that I feel like we can't drop off homemade cookies anymore without the motives being questioned.  Even with this secret Valentines tradition I have, this year I wondered, what if I give some person a Valentine and they think it's from their boyfriend/girlfriend.  When they thank their bf/gf for getting them a Valentine... then find out that their significant other did NOT in fact get them a gift..... that could cause a problem for both of them.  Jealousy could creep in and then one thinks that the other has been cheating.  Oh man it could be more problems than it's worth!

So I almost stopped this tradition and gave up.  Almost.

Then I thought of the reason I started this weird tradition in the first place.  I thought of a person who maybe really needs to know that someone out there is thinking about them.  Maybe there is someone out there that just needs a little chocolate (because don't we all?!) and a nice note.  So I bought two big heart shaped boxes of chocolates and I'm going to try to write non-creepy notes to go with them.

I plan on praying a ton to know who's car I can leave them on that will cause the least amount of problems.
Any suggestions on where to drop them?? :)


  1. you should have sent them both to ME! hahaha!

  2. hey hailey - i just wanted to let you know that you're a no-reply blogger (so people can't reply to the comments you leave on their blog via email) - here's a great link explaining how to fix it!

    and i'm excited to be twins with our matching sweaters. when i first got it I was like "how in the world am i going to wear this" because it was huge - and now its hard to get me to put fitted clothes on again :P


    1. Elisabeth! THANK YOU!! I appreciate the help, I'll make sure to fix that. haha that's exactly what I wanted a sweater like this for! Things like this make this winter weather a little more bearable. :)