February 21, 2013


B.S. I'm not entirely sure Impulsivity is an actual word.  Oh well.  (B.S. - Before script... aah man I'm so funny!)

I have a problem.  I like to pretend that I don't have this problem, but lately it has manifested itself a lot and I can no longer ignore it.  I get it from my dad.  He will get hooked on the idea of something (this time around - switching to a Macbook) and research everything about it.  He'll read reviews, discuss practicality, quickly weigh all possible options, wallow in the decision making process and then run out and buy it.  All within the matter of a few days, sometimes hours.  So, what's the problem with that??

I'm impulsive.  NBD.  Like father like daughter.  Except I didn't get a Macbook.

-Impulsivity would explain the new dresser I bought on Saturday (my first big girl furniture purchase!).
-Impulsivity would explain the nine pairs of Vans shoes I have.
-Impulsivity would explain the customized bowling ball and new bowling shoes after only bowling a few times (wait that one probably falls under instant obsession....).
-Impulsivity would explain my new years resolution to learn Spanish (Ugh. I need to master the art of osmosis....)
-Impulsivity would explain the sweater I just bought after seeing it on Elizabeth.  Check it out!
-Impulsivity is what will explain the Delta airline ticket I am thinking about purchasing to visit my cousins in sunny California.... (Still in the early stages of Impulsivity on this one.  If it goes according to the usual Impuslivity timeline, I should have everything figured out by the weekend! ;) Anyone want in on a little weekend getaway from this Utah winter?!)

I'm accepting that I have an Impulsivity problem.  Luckily I'm not impuslive about huge purchases..... yet. Dun, dun, dun.


  1. I'm with you girl. Fiance is so good about planning purchases and waiting. And I'm just over here throwing things in the cart right away like nobody's business.

    1. What?! I'm not the only one?! Woohoo!!! :)