February 25, 2013


I'm on the hunt.  The hunt for the best Cafe Rio burrito out there!  Ever since I discovered the beauty of these burritos I've decided to face the fact that I am definitely obsessed with them.

"I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!"
Photo courtesy of Cafe Rio
Burrito Numero Uno*: Pork with Mild Sauce (El Paso Tomatillo) and Pinto Beans
Review: Super good!  Although after awhile I realized that I didn't love how sweet the pork is... for me it just didn't flow with the spicy sauce flavor. 

Burrito Numero Dos: Grilled Chicken with Medium Sauce (Sante Fe Green Chile) and Pinto Beans
Review: The chicken was so good, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the Medium sauce. It was less spicy than the Mild and didn't really fit for me.  Thanks for the tip though Holly!

Burrito Numero Tres:  Shredded Beef with Mild Sauce (El Paso Tomatillo) and Pinto Beans on a WHEAT tortilla
Review: This was soooo good!  I even loved the wheat tortilla!  (Which makes it healthy so now I can eat it as many times a week as I want right...? Cue mom's eye rolling.... haha) 

Next up:  Shredded Beef with Hot Sauce (Red Chile) and Black Beans.  I'm a little nervous about the hot sauce, but I figure I'll take my brother with me and if it burns a hole through my stomach I'll have Parker finish the rest.  He's a crazy person when it comes to hot sauce.  I also wonder if they would do half black beans and half pinto beans for me.... I love them both!  Anyone else have a favorite burrito combination for me to try?  I'd love to drain my savings account trying to figure out the BEST burrito, who's with me?! ;)

Yup, that's right, I just shared a whole blog post with you about Cafe Rio burritos.  Sorry, unfortunately you'll never get the time it took to read this back, but I may have helped you decide what you want for dinner? You'll forgive me when you take a big bite of a juicy, saucy, delicious burrito.  Promise.

*Spanish class paying off!  Booyah! ;)

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  1. My suggestion would be to do a mixture of black and pinto beans next time! I did that yesterday and it was delish! And I sure hope you are doing them "enchilada style"....if not you are missing out big time!!! I need to be more adventurous like you and try different combos. I always just stick with pork and mild sauce. I'll branch out next time!!