February 11, 2013

Un Burrrrrito

Imagine rolling the 'r' in Burrito and then read the title of this post again.  Fun huh?!  That's why I'm learning Spanish, so I can roll my R's.

Anyways, today I realized that I didn't have anything to eat for lunch, so I decided to use my "free meal!" at Cafe Rio.  I haven't dared to explore the kitchen of my new apartment yet so it looks like I'll be eating out for the next little while...  With the promise of a free meal I decided maybe I should splurge and try something new!  This may seem odd, but I've never ordered a burrito from Cafe Rio, so I decided to give it a shot.  I even went for the classic pork burrito, enchilada style of course.

Well, it was amazing.
And I will no longer be eating salads.
And there goes my intent to eat healthier.
And I think I still love the chicken more than the pork... although I might get stabbed for saying such a thing.
So I'll say I loved the pork.
You know, so I don't get stabbed.
The end.


  1. haha i always get salads and my husband always gets the burritos. enchilada style of course ;)
    i haven't had a burrito either. mostly because i don't like beans haha. i always sub out the beans for more rice :)

  2. If it makes you feel better Hailey, they both have around the same amount of calories. So lets just pretend they're both healthy! Lol. Also the burrito's are my favorite! I can't believe it's taken you this long to try it (even my mom will eat a WHOLE one) :)

  3. Pork burrito enchilada style all the way!!!

  4. I love the pork salad but I'm not a huge fan of the pork burrito (I think it is too overwhelming). My favorite thing is the grilled chicken burrito with medium sauce. It is amazing, that is what Jonny and I get pretty much every time.