June 14, 2010

Two Legs and Two Hands Do Come in Handy! Who Would Have Thought?!

Drum roll please....................... Presenting, the fully capable, unbelievably graceful and slightly more stable.... Power walker/driver Hailey Francis!!!! On Thursday June 10th I was able to go down to one crutch, and then went to Physical Therapy on Friday morning (June 11th, a good day :) ) . When I asked if I could discard the crutch for good, Jason said sure, get up and walk around! I knew I liked that guy! I have to say, taking that first step was something like what Magneto must have felt when he first started walking into the air, only to hope that he was in fact able to use his super powers to bring metal whizzing underneath his feet to keep him stable. Leap of faith... maybe? (X-men. In case you were wondering where my random thought came from this time) After that first step, a surge of confidence and energy rapidly spread through my body. I am WALKING!! I honestly had a hard time picturing that the day would come, but my beautiful knee came through and we're now working as a great team! He also gave me permission to drive, so Veronica and I can finally drive around together! I've missed her. Now the time comes to reflect on the things I have learned in the past 6 weeks.

1. Having two legs is absolutely great. Now that I can stand in the shower, my left butt cheek doesn't cramp up anymore! Also, I can put my pants on without sitting down first. Booya!

2. Having two hands is extremely useful. I can now carry items in my hands instead of finding creative places to stuff them....

3. Therapists and Doctors don't lie. For once, can we cut it out with all the honesty? They should tell you it's going to be 8 weeks and then surprise you with walking at 6 weeks. Where is the fun in truth? I'll put my hands up for the blissful state of denial!

4. Those with crutches are magnetically drawn to others with crutches. At the carnival, grocery store, in church, these people are everywhere! Somehow we always find each other. I think crutches are magically synced and gravitate together to form a bond of understanding and sympathy for their owners.

Despite my efforts to make jokes, I really did learn a lot the past 6 weeks. Mostly, I am just overwhelmed with all the things I am GRATEFUL for. I want to send a shout out to all those that have helped me, been kind, shared a few words of encouragement and who have stuck with me this past while. So.....


  1. love you! and if anything...you're more powerful than before!!!! bwahahahahahaaaa!

  2. So fun to see you at Reams the other day, Kaylyn too. You guys look great...I feel bad that I didn't even ask about how the knee's healing up. Thanks for keeping your blog updated though!! I love reading it.