June 30, 2010

Who Knew That "Cheap" Relates to Price AND Quality....?

WalMart Special!
A beautiful Mountain Bike for only $99.97!
I happen to be cheap. You know, the bargain shopper type. On Monday, my parents and I looked at some new bikes for my only outlet for exercise. We went to a bike shop to look around and to get an idea at what my wallet was up against. Holy freaking canoli! Those things are butt expensive! For those prices, I could have easily bought a crappy car to last me for eternity, or bought a bike. Well we looked, and then left; my hopes of a new bike, all my own, left at the welcome mat as well. On our way home, I convinced my mom that we should stop at WalMart to take a quick peek. We peeked, and then investigated, and we even tested some bikes out! (Until the grumpy old man told us we couldn't ride the bikes in the store. Mom piped in, "How are we suppose to buy a bike without riding it first?") My mom is so great.
It was love at first sight. The first bike I looked at ended up at the cash register. I had to get all the proper gear and accessories if I was to have my own bike, so my mom forced a helmet on me, I found a super cool license plate with my name on it (correctly spelled for once), but decided against the padded pants for now. After making the purchase, we walked my bike and our groceries to the car. Uh, Oh. Oh man, mom drove the Mustang.... How are we going to get this stinkin thing in there? As we sat there contemplating our options, many people looked at us with various expressions on their faces like: "Women....", "Should have thought that one through huh?", "I am tempted to fiddle with my keys a bit longer so I can see how these two attempt to stuff that bike in there." etc. Nevertheless, we successfully stuffed it in the back seat and drove home with the top down. :) I got home, excited to ride my new prized posession. I didn't get more than halfway down my street before the peddles would skip and throw my foot off, drastically jerking me to the side and back. I made it to Kaylyn's house where her dad Ryan tampered with it, but with no success. How can something so beautiful be so crappy? But, I guess it's true, pretty faces sometimes have crappy personalities behind them. Figures I should have known. So now, Sammie is being returned, and the hunt is on yet again for a bike. I've learned my lesson about WalMart specials, but I don't have any hard feelings towards WalMart. They can still supply me with everything else I want and need, just not bikes.

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