June 4, 2010

5 Weeks Down! One More to go!!

WARNING: The next few blog posts will be extremely self centered on my part and may not contain any exciting information. Mainly I just want to have record of a few things, and I'm completely self absorbed with the development of my knee right now... Sorry. I just wanted to warn you that future boredom is to be expected. :)

Now, I write to you the day after my 5 weeks mark!! Believe it or not, I have made it this far without any crutch induced injuries to myself or others, any extreme fits of frustration or any unexpected crutch burning parties! Now, only one more week until I can walk! I talked to my physical therapist Ed Budge at therapy yesterday morning about possibly walking sooner than next week. Starting out with my sweetest expression and sympathetic tone I asked how his day was and if he was in a great mood. Despite my efforts to seem genuinely interested in his day rather than my ulterior motive, he saw right through my attempt and asked what I wanted. Really? It was THAT obvious?! Well he didn't think I was ready to walk quite yet, but he did say that I should ask Dr. Wallentine on Monday if I can start walking and doing more exercises on Wednesday! A day early!! He started talking about all the new exercises I could do, and that I was going to hate him because he was going to push me really hard to get everything going since we had to wait the 6 weeks. I got so excited!! The thought of being sore, and being able to flex my quad and have something more than a twitching blob gross was exhilarating just to think about! I can't wait to hate him! :) An electrified sensation has sprung into my countenance, and it has left me with an overly large smile on my face, hope in my heart, and extreme annoyance to those around me! It's so great!! So everyone cross your fingers that I will be able to walk on Monday, and if not, that I will for sure be off crutches and walking/driving on Wednesday/Thursday!! On top of this great stuff, I was able to bend 140 degrees yesterday!! Normal is between 140 and 150, so I need to get a few more degrees, but I'm basically there! Now, I will leave you in peace, as well as with this awesome quote. Have a great day!

"Make it happen, watch it happen, or wonder what happened."

-Someone cool.

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