September 28, 2010

Another one of the Wonderful Firsts!

Today was the day that I developed my own film!!!! To document that this is in fact true, I have included pictures as proof. It is amazing what it takes to develop film! The person that invented digital film is a genius.... However, true film is quickly winning my heart. I like that I know what is happening when I take each picture and that I am learning how to think before I click. Thinking... weird concept... If you have the chance to learn film photography I HIGHLY recommend it! Or just take a class from Barb Frazier. She's absolutely amazing. You can really tell which teachers truly love what they do. Her obsession with photography is contagious! Anyways, stay tuned for when I finish the developing and have actual pictures to show! (That is if they actually turn out) Cross your fingers!


  1. Film is so much fun!! You will continue to be obsessed until you have your final product. Just wait til you get in the dark room, you will have a blast! That is my favorite part, playing around in the dark room. :) Good work!!!

  2. p.s. the photos on this post are very awesome. :)

  3. I LOVE IT!!! it's awesome!! Thank you!!! :)