September 4, 2010

The Sweet Life on University Avenue

Yesterday, Kaylyn and I hit the jackpot! After getting free food from her "welcome to Nursing" dinner we decided to wander down University Avenue (UA) to kill time before we got our groove on at the BYU dance that night. We didn't have to walk far to find a glorious treasure; the Cherry Lane Boutique. This gem is located on the corner of UA and 500 (I think?), diagnal from 7/11. It's small, but when you walk inside, it is jam packed with beautifulness. We happen to decide to take a look at this place on it's very first "Ladies Night!" Everything was discounted, door prizes were given and they had little demonstrations on how to tie scarfs, and taste testing!! Pretty sure we scored. We walked through the boutique admiring the crazy hats, pretty scarfs and fun jewelry complete with ooohs and aaaahs. When it came time for the taste testing, I was a little reluctant to join as they were tasting jam.... Like we are 80 years old and playing kanasta. Let me tell you, this jam was not for the faint at heart! It was completely amazing. Her jam wasn't like normal jam, but in crazy flavors and combinations. She had 7 spicy jams that you could use as marinades for pork chops or to dip your chicken nuggets in; She had crazy fruit jams like pineapple pear berry; and then she had dessert jams.... apple pie and carrot cake jams. YUM! You may think that this lady is crazy, which she quite possibly could be, but she was fantastic! She told us all the fun ways you can use this jam which was helpful because the extent of my knowledge of jam is that it goes on toast. A whole world of possibilities was opened for me! My favorite was the carrot cake and the spicy roasted garlic. Carrot cake jam you serve on cinnamon graham crackers for a little appetizer which = an explosion in your mouth! Oh man I loved every second of it!! One day when I start cooking for reals, I'll incorporate my new found love to make my food fun and unexpectedly great! It'll probably need the help.
While taste testing, I realized that if this lady wouldn't have been completely obsessed with her product, then I wouldn't have been as willing to try the jams or even purchase some. Energy is contagious and I'm so grateful that I caught hers. It gave me comfort that other people obsess over crazy things just like I do. ...Foreshadowing to a future post about Vans shoes....
The night continued on as Kaylyn and I went to a BYU dance to make fools out of ourselves. It was a blast! I even learned how to swing dance! Or rather learn to hold on as I was being spun around like a top. :) After a great night of excitement and new discoveries, I leave you with the montra that has been stuck in my head ever since.
Do what you love and love what you do; or
Live a life you love, but also love the life you live.
I couldn't remember the correct wording...

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