September 2, 2010

Let the Stalking Begin!

School has started. Yay! I am taking two classes this semester, Civil Litigation and Photography!! I could live in each of those classes and be happy for the rest of my life. Civil Litigation is everything I would have ever wanted a career class to be. I know all the law jargon he's talking about score! and I do everything we talk about in class on a daily basis at work! Who knew that I could take a class that would relate so much to real life? Weird. Now my photography class could easily be considered my guilty pleasure, my hearts one true joy, love without limitations, but let's not get carried away. Inevitable? I've always dreamed of being this fantastic photographer, super creative and owning my own, "Domination Studios," so this class is a step in the right direction. My teacher is super great and told us on the first day that her one huge dilemma in life at the moment is: Her Lego Hair. :D I love crazy people, and she's one of the craziest. One day I hope to be exactly like her.
ANYWAYS, the reason for this post is because I find something extremely fascinating about the human species. Yes, I do realize that I belong to this group, but for this matter I wish I could grow some feathers to fly south and join their species. Let me explain. UVU has crappy parking. Parking is available, but only for those with classes starting from 7-8 am or 6-9pm. Any other time you find yourself circling the parking lots hoping that someone decided to drop out of school leaving you a prime spot. There is however, one other opportunity for openings. Classes usually end 10 minutes before the hour and for those 10 minutes you have movement amidst the parking lot. Since everyone is catching on, it has become a feeding frenzy trying to snag a spot from someone leaving. The human species has turned to desperate measures and de-evolutionized to stalking. Stepping foot onto the parking lot and walking towards your car you will be instantly followed by at least 2 cars; the rest kicking themselves for choosing the wrong aisle to camp out in. Few will roll down their window and ask if you are leaving and where you parked, but most will drive at 2 mph right behind you as you walk to your car. Once I had gotten over being creeped out by these followers, I decided to have some fun. Sometimes when I know I have parked clear out in the middle of nowhere I will take my keys out of my backpack, turn towards a random car -car behind me instantly turns on his blinker trying to beat the car coming from the front of me- fiddle around like I'm trying to find my key, look up as if I lost something and walk back towards school. I snicker to myself as the car disappointedly drives forward looking for someone else to stalk. Other times I will walk towards a car-ensuing the same reaction to the car behind me- and continue on over to the next aisle making it impossible for the previous car to stalk me, but attracting two other cars in the next aisle. I continue towards another car and then walk into the next aisle. I have just created at least 5 car stalkers in a matter of minutes! For some reason this brings me joy.
Who knows, maybe one day I'll grow up and actually go straight for my car to allow a hurried student to take eagerly take my parking spot.

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  1. This makes me laugh A LOT!!! :) I would do this if I were taking classes on campus! And kudo's to Photography! It is quite easily the greatest thing on earth. :)