September 15, 2010

Do I Hear Jingle Bells??

Today I saw Santa Clause at UVU! We passed each other, I gave a smile his way and he replied with a cheerful, "Good Morning!" We both knew he was Santa Clause, but he didn't have to worry, I wouldn't give away his secret. Besides to the whole entire world wide web.... secret safe with me big man. I don't blame him, getting some education on his down time. He must be really smart because he chose to attend UVU...
This will be my second sighting of Mr. Clause this year! Early this summer, about July or so, I saw Santa driving a Subaru in Mapleton. Looks like he's taking his job to the next level and personally investigating each person for his naughty or nice list. Hard worker that man is. Mrs. Clause hit the jack pot on that one.
Interesting that he chose a Subaru though...

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  1. I need you to post again... please! I keep re-reading this post. ha ha.