March 15, 2011

A Song That Describes You

This past Sunday my apartment was in charge of Ward Prayer.
Ward Prayer: Utah thing designed to give singles in a singles
ward another chance to get married - as Parker describes it.
Our instructions were to introduce ourselves in a creative way and then to cover a spiritual thought, a hymn and end with a prayer. 4 minutes before Ward Prayer my roommates and I tried to come up with something creative. After drawing a blank, we just decided we would introduce our interesting selves and that would be creative enough. Now when we got there someone had an awful idea to have everyone else ask us questions to get to know us. This would be fine except for in these situations people ask weird/awkward questions and if you answer them "wrong," you get placed with an L on your forehead. Smash Mouth. So we had a few normal questions such as "what's your favorite movie," or "what's your major?" I was dominating these questions and feeling pretty good until someone asked, "If you could pick one song that describes you what would it be?" Instantly the words popped into my head, "I'm on fire, and now I think I'm ready to bust a move." Thank you Motion City Soundtrack. So I said it. Because those who know me, know that I have no filter from my brain to my mouth. Fact. Well one of my roommates said a nice peaceful/religion song and the other said another good, normal song. Shoot. I could have said something profound, like Weightless from All Time Low (since it is my theme song for this year); or something righteous, like I'm a Child of God, and provoked a few good thoughts about my sweet spirit. Nope, my subconscious chose a song that could easily reflect an arrogant, cocky personality with good dancing skills. Well I guess the cat is out of the bag. I'm going to have to dig up those good dancing skills that my subconscious and Motion City knows is in here somewhere. Huzzah for embarrassing my progenitors!


  1. That song reminds me of your roof! ha ha. I instantly think of you when I hear that song so good choice!