March 3, 2011

Vans = Domination

Finally! The post that you all have been waiting for! We'll pretend. So... I like to obsess over weird things. Thus, I am weird. Logical reasoning eh? Believe me, I don't mind one bit. I quite enjoy it actually. I figure, why not love the little things in life? I'm just appreciating beauty where it isn't normally found. Right? Sure Hailey, whatever helps you sleep at night. :) However, I do believe this obsession isn't completely my fault. Somehow it is a direct genetic connection. For my mom, it's purses. For me, it's Vans Shoes :)

Weird thing to obsess over? Maybe, but why not?? They are so colorful, bright and super cool!

Now you are thinking, holy crap! How many pairs of Vans does this girl have? I'll happily answer that for you, 8. for now. I started with the light blue, then HAD to get pink, and then the obsession began.

My room at my apartment even has a shelf for them! Isn't it so great that the contractors were genius enough to know that some girl was going to need a spot for all of her darling shoes?! Books on a bookshelf? Na. At first it would only fit the 8, but I have now strategically placed them so that I can easily fit two more pairs! I thought I was done at 8, but since I have more room.... we may be welcoming Yellow and Black soon... Just warning you.

The real reason I know it's alright that I'm obsessed with Vans is because they are made just for me! Check it out, my initials are engraved on the bottom of them.
Told ya.

Think what you want, but I love them. So there you have it, my secret is out! If there was ever a secret to be kept.. What's your obsession? What sets you apart?


  1. I absolutely love this post!! It is so amazing! ha ha. You are the greatest Hailey!!

  2. About time this post came up! So approximately how much did this collection run you?

  3. Don't be such a buzz kill Austen! Cost of happiness?? Priceless! :)