March 2, 2011

My Dear Shirley

There is such a place, that serves only the most delectable of all baked goods. She has recently become my temporary 5th best friend. the rest of you 4 are staples, don't you worry :) I am in love with baking, and even more so with other people's baking. Less mess and clean up, better outcome. One bakery creation that I usually do not have a sweet tooth for are cinnamon rolls. Usually they are too gooey, or too doughy, or just too much. The closest to enjoying cinnamon rolls was been from our high school luncheon days at Anisa's house. I liked them, but was never in love with cinnamon rolls. However, I had forgotten about my dear friend Shirley and her magic touch. In class yesterday our professor brought in cinnamon rolls from Shirley's, and my opinion on the generalized cinnamon roll changed! Those things are fantasmic! I would even go as far as to say they are the BEST cinnamon rolls I have EVER tasted in my entire life. I will probably never eat another cinnamon roll, unless Shirley made it specifically for me. I highly recommend you visit this little slice of heaven.

Anyone wanna pay Shirley a visit with me??

P.S. I was going to take a picture of my exact cinnamon roll that I gratefully received yesterday, but it was gone before I could take my camera out. This picture seems to be a decent stand in.


  1. Thanks for letting us remain the top 4! I would love to take a Shirley's trip!! I love that place! Jake introduced it to me one day after our Saturday classes and I loved it!

  2. It's fantastic huh!! I think I'll stop by there today!