March 9, 2011

Uhhh Hello?

I've decided on a few things in regards to answering your phone during class, a meeting, or something else important. I've been on both ends of the phone when this happens and I think I've been able to fully and unbaisedly evaluate the situation to merit an opinion.
Short Answer: If your phone is ringing and you are "technically" unavailable, don't answer the phone.
Long Answer: First off, the person calling has no idea that you are in a meeting and has no intention of interrupting. So when you listen for awhile and then interrupt and whisper, "Sorry, I'm in a meeting but I'll call you back?" the person calling feels like an idiot for ever even thinking that calling you at 3:44 was an appropriate idea. Although, why feel bad? You didn't force the person to answer the phone. By answering the phone in the first place, the impression is given that this is a good time to talk. Secondly, to the people that you are in a meeting with and just rudely interrupted, you have just sent the non verbal message to them that they are not as important as whoever is on the phone. If I am a meeting, and I am going to be interrupted, I would like it to be for something at least a little longer than, "I'll call you back." Once again, just don't answer the phone. I believe it is assumed that if someone misses your call, they will return it. Eventually. Of course, there are always unavoidable reasons (which do happen sometimes) that make it so we are unable to return the phone call. However, I'm not dealing with exceptions, just the general scenario.
Honestly, I think I have been a little brainwashed to think that I have to react to any beep, bloop or blip that my phone emits and at exact the second it happens. My family will attest that I am one of "those" that has my phone glued to my hand. I feel the need to be constantly checking emails, status', texts, phone calls, etc. to make sure that I haven't missed anything. Why is this? Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when all you had was a home phone. If you were away and missed a call, that was the end of that, but not the end of the world. Somehow I'm going to try and break the habit and put some distance between my phone and myself. Try, being the keyword. :)
Rant, Over.

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