March 11, 2011

Poor Little Guys

Today, after I finished taking a big bite of the most wonderful beef jerky I've ever had, I noticed I had a lot of that fantastic jerky stuck in my teeth. Shoot. While trying to pick it all out I started to feel like a carnivor. --> In feeling like a carnivor I thought about lions. --> In thinking about lions I realized that they eat mass amounts of meat. --> When they eat mass amounts of meat, I wonder if they ever get it stuck in their teeth.... I found a peice of floss and then realized, lions don't even have floss to help them out! Sheesh I don't know how those guys do it. Maybe they use grass? There is nothing worse than getting something stuck in between your teeth and not being able to get it out. First off it hurts, and secondly my mind is constantly focused on what started out as a slight disturbance. So hang in there little guys, I'm going to invent some Lion Floss for you.
Also: I've decided that I'm moving to Tooele some day. They grow the best jerky I've ever tasted! I feel like an expletive should be placed in between "best" and "jerky" so that you realize how great it is.
Also, Also: I heard on the news that two guys were lost in a snow cave and survived for two days on beef jerky. That made me think that I should start keeping beef jerky around because I would LOVE to be stranded and only have beef jerky to eat. So the decision has been made; I will now buy a massive bag of beef jerky to keep in my car for some rainy day. Done and Done

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  1. You're crazy!! I don't think anyone willingly chooses to live in Tooele :) There's nothing there! it might as well be Magna! Speaking of beef jerky...yesterday at dinner one of my friends said she had Salmon Jerky last week!!! Crazy, huh?? Who knew you could make jerky out of fish!!