February 22, 2012

Book Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic

My mom convinced me to start in on this series last week when I was trying to find something to read.  I wanted to take a break from my John Grisham books and read something a little different.

(I know I may be one of the few that finds
the legal profession SOOO interesting, really I do, 
but even I get a little tired of dealing with
it all day and then reading about it at night)

Well once I started reading this, I couldn't put this little treasure down!  Sophie Kinsella writes so well that you breeze through the book, lol-ing (Literally) the whole way.  Ms. Kinsella is absolutely hilarious.  She's one person that I would LOVE to meet in person.  Also I'd like to be her friend      (FB friend request pending), because anyone that can create something this fantastic has got to be on my top friend list.  Funny people go far. 

Now to compare the book to the movie................don't.  I tried at first and then realized that they were totally different.  Yes, same characters, same idea, but totally different.  However, I am really glad I saw the movie first because I loved every second of the movie.  Then, to read the book, you get the amazingness of the movie amplified by 4 million as you delve deeper into the characters and Rebecca Bloomwood's hilarous happenings.  I recommend this to EVERYONE.  Even if you don't particularly like shopping - that's not the point, this book is just that good.  The only allowances I will give you to not read this book have to fall under any of the following circumstances:

1] You feel embarrased to suddenly burst out in uncontrollable fits of laughter at any given moment, quite possibly while around others
2] You hate life and feel that laughing, smiling and/or happiness is of the devil
3] You are at a 1st grade reading level and are still working on finishing One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

If you believe you fit it any of the above categories, it's fine.  I just have to say, you're missing out.  Now.... on to the next book: "Shopaholic takes Manhattan"

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