February 14, 2012

"Put a Little Love in Your Heart"

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!

This morning I woke up and went straight for my closet to see what I could put together for my V-day outfit.  I eliminated all of my yellows, browns, blacks, purples, greens, blues and focused solely on my pinks and reds.  It's Valentines day, and regardless of if you have a significant other or not, appropriate social protocol is to dress up in as many shades of pink, red and white as you can - the more plastic heart accessories the better.   Right?  I got to work, and realized that no one else is living in the 5th grade like I am.  Everyone dressed up normally; no feather boas, no valentines exchanges with everyone, no fun. 

I think I'd like to go back to the days when I would spend all night the day before just working on my Valentines mailbox I had made into a Robot.  Maybe I should have brought some Hey Arnold or Spongebob Squarepants Valentines in to work today.  I know I'm always up for a "You Rock Valentine!" card. :]

I knew I had reached adulthood this year when my mom didn't make me my own personal Valentine today.  (It only took 22 years to be a big girl!)
Either way, today is today and yesterday was yesterday.  I'm happy for where I'm at on this Valentines day and for the chance I get to celebrate what I've felt all year long!! I love all of you!!!

P.S. I admit, I lied.  I was never that creative kid that made the Robot or flushing toilet for my valentines....  I still remember who in my classes did though! So hats off to you, you will be remembered forever and I will always envy you.

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