February 17, 2012

Picture Perfect

How about a little update on things?

Well here you go!

 Anisa's Engaged!!!!

 "Is something burning?"  "Hailey your jacket!!" 
Proof that I shouldn't be left alone while cooking - even if it is just spaghetti noodles....
 Todd broke his arm!  Spiral butterfly fracture of his humerous bone 
He didn't think it was very funny...

 Kaylyn's engaged!!!!!!!

 Proof of my first time ever to win a game of Settlers of Catan!! (our new obsession)
 Christmas Party at Katie & Dave's!
 Yeah that's right.... an ugly sweater never looked so good.
 Skyping with Jordan for Christmas!!!!!!!
 My new project from PINTEREST!!!

 Notice anything different about Jake's face.... look closely... hahaha
(Also, we started a coed indoor soccer team with the soccer guys!!)
 Kaylyn's bridal shower!!
We've had the opportunity to go to many Jazz games this year!
I'm sure I'll do a round two.... I have a lot of pictures :]  Happy friday!!

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