January 31, 2013

What a week....

I'm taking a break from the massive tornado of a day to blog about the things I'm grateful for.  In my head I initially thought, with all this craziness WHAT IS there to be grateful for?! (I didn't know which word I was supposed to emphasize so I emphasized both...)   However I know, deep down, that there are more than enough things to be grateful for, even during a week like this one.
  • My job - especially during a time when some people around me surprisingly didn't have one anymore
  • My co-workers - I couldn't have created better people to work with
  • My realizations of my frustrations - It's one thing to be frustrated, but it's another to be able to realize you're frustrated and that you're being slightly ridiculous.  (whether or not that realization causes me to stop being ridiculous is my next step in my human development )
  • My voice - My ranting, raving, complaining, moaning, pouting would be a lot different if I were to be using sign language to express myself.  (No disrespect, I've observed some heated conversations between two people signing) 
  • Eye smiles - the smiles that you can see in someone's eyes.  I can always tell if someone is genuinely smiling if it reaches their eyes.  Those smiles, are good smiles. (Also I may have practiced in front of a mirror once to see if I could make eye smiles.  It was hard.)
  • Visits from friends that live abroad - Yes, Idaho definitely counts as abroad.  So glad I got to hang out with you guys at the Nickel Mania and happy to just chill with all my besties! 
  • Organization - that refreshing feeling when you've torn everything apart and now it's all put back nice and neat and pretty. :)
  • Being one of the two offers considered on a sweet pad! Fingers still crossed....
  • Finally bowling a decent game and having awesome friends to bowl with. 
  • Carpool lane on I-15
  • Quotes like this one:

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  1. I had so much fun at the arcade! I wish DDR would have been working better :(