April 7, 2010


Oh the joy of riding in the elevators at UVU! The ride itself is pretty great, but mainly I just love meeting all the people I meet in an elevator ride. There is the lady that has another new water color painting each day, which therefore tests our ability to strategically fit each person in the elevator without getting too close to her wet painting. Thank you tetris. There are always a few people that are courteous enough to share their music with everyone else in the elevator. I love these people, and have found a few with some pretty good music! (plenty of 500 days of summer experiences) Recently, I have found that my favorite is when I get on the elevator at the 2nd floor traveling to the 3rd floor. Before, I felt stupid for having to take the elevator up one floor. Now, I find it entertaining that when the doors open on the second floor, most of the people get out (thinking it's the 3rd floor) and as the doors close, you see them realize that they got out at the wrong stop. Of course no one wants to look like an idiot and so they look around for a second, pull out their phone and walk in some direction as if that is where they were going all along. I don't blame them for getting out at the second floor on accident. Who would think that with only 3 floors in a building, that you would stop at the second? Those that stay in the elevator all have the same look when I get in at the second floor. Really? You couldn't have just taken the one flight of stairs? I usually just smile, whisper an apology with a little chuckle and carry on with my own business. This whole not being able to use the stairs thing has turned out to be a great addition to my day!
Oh how I am easily entertained. :)


  1. "i love the smiths"
    actually i really don't like the smiths...but it sounds like fun everyday!
    ps don't apologize! they can be judged in the day of judgment if they think any ill of you:)
    pps i'm going to the bonfire on friday! i need to call you before though...

  2. haha I'm glad you got that plug about 500 days of summer. :) I'm so glad you're coming on friday!! It's going to be so great! Paige. I am in love with the CD that you just made me. Thanks for being my friend and for loving Nevershoutnever!

  3. Hailey I just found your blog and I love it! You are wonderful.