April 28, 2010

Tomorrow, Is Only A Day Away...

Tomorrow is the big day. The day that I get to be the board game while Dr. Wallentine plays operation. (No buzzing please....) After I got off the phone with Laura from the Surgical Center, somehow little butterflies entered into my stomach and decided they wanted to stay. I need to figure out how to lure those guys outta there.... Oh yeah, I am to be reporting for duty tomorrow morning at 5am! Wholee canoli!! (I realize it's spelled wrong, but I find joy in spelling it this way!)
I'm just hoping that Dr. Wallentine gets a good nights sleep tonight.

I was given a checklist of things to do before I come in for surgery tomorrow. See below, if you feel so inclined:

  • Shower
  • No Jewelry
  • No Make up
  • No Nail Polish ..... uh really? Ah I get it, my hot pink fingernails are going to be a bit distracting during surgery. Okay, we can move to the next..
  • Don't eat after midnight

Interesting checklist. Well hammie and I had a serious talk today. I told her she needs to be strong, fix that ACL, hold on tight and never let go. Dr. Wallentine will fix it up real nice and we'll be good! She has an important job, transforming from a hamstring to a structural basis for my body to revascularize it into an ACL, quite a talented little one I have in me.

So until next time, when I post while on Loratab (who knows what will happen there) , I'll be compiling my couch to do list, some crossword puzzles and sudoku books, maybe a coloring book, and the second season of the BIG BANG THEORY tv show. I'm in for an awesome weekend. :)

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  1. hi dearest:) everything is going to go so well for you! i just saw jeff 3 days after his surgery and he was out tanning with me at the pool!!!! you're so much better than jeff! it's gonna be a breeze! personally i hope you post something while drugged. you're cute enough as it is normal i can only imagine the wonderful coming thru the keyboards if you're under! i'll make sure to keep you entertained from here...love you!