April 14, 2010

One of these things is not like the other....

Earlier today I was leaving my apartment and walking toward my car to head to Institute. I remembered where I had parked so I walked straight there. I make a point to state this because in our parking lot at Wolverine Crossing it is almost impossible to remember where you park. I wonder if other people have that same problem or if I am just making a generalization.... Anyways, so as I was walking to my car I hit the unlock button on my clicker. My clicker had been slowly dying on me so I wasn't surprised when nothing happened to my car ahead of me. I hit it a few more times. Nothing happened to the red car I was walking towards. I did it about 4 more times and then looked up to analyze the car. All of the puzzle pieces where present and accounted for. Hmm. I tested the clicker one more time and then noticed out of the corner of my eye, a light flashing to my left. I looked up and there was a red Mazda 3 just like mine! I thought, "What a crazy coincidence! They are coming out at the same time that I am!" I turned back to stare at my car, hit the clicker, and the light flashed again to my left.
I walked to MY car, it opened expectantly and I drove away.
---I'm thinking that going to bed early tonight might be beneficial to my mental health.---

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