April 23, 2010

I vow to never eat at a buffett or drive an Audi again. The previous statement is probably false.

Alright here's a few:

Karlie, Katie and I were looking for a place to get some grub (food that is) one evening this week. We figured, "Why don't we try some place new?!" So we drove around for awhile, indecisiveness getting the best of us. Finally we ended up at a place we had never been before! We were feeling adventurous and decided Mexican is always good! Well from the first moment I set foot in the building I knew we were not about to eat Mexican food--it doesn't smell like...whatever this smelled like. The person that stands at the little podium with the menus (whatever they are called) greeted us and said, "Welcome, please wait to be seated, we'll be right with you." At least that's what I'd like to think he said. None of us were able to understand a word he said besides cramping.....or was it crabbing? The warm fuzzy feelings of uncomfort, queasiness and food poisoning already setting in. We were then seated in a nice booth. No menus were given, no guidance, BUT water was given. Phew. We looked around, hoping there would be a sign saying, "Dig in!" or "Pick up a plate, eat until you puke and then pay us for it later!" Something to tell us what the protocol was at this restaurant! Despite much pleading, gagging signs, and almost pretend tears (couldn't quite figure out how to turn on the water works) Karlie made the executive decision that we were going to stay and eat the food. "It's an experience!" She said, while I thought So is food poisoning... Alright I wasn't THAT grumpy, but just a little uncomfortable. She joked, "Hey at least it's something you can blog about!"
That girl is just too smart for her own good...

So we ate the food, some of it turned out to be pretty great! (Fried donuts aka....donuts, dinner rolls and the self serve ice cream!) In the end it was an adventure like she said; I haven't gotten food poisoning, and I'm glad Karlie was too embarrassed to leave. I'm also grateful to be a student. That $0.20 discount really made my bank account happy! Thanks UVU!
Second experience:
Yesterday I went to a Prelitigation Hearing on a case that we have. This is just like a little get together with the plaintiffs (our clients and the attorney) a few panel members (made up of a doctor, lay person, and a hospital administrator) and with the defendants with their attorneys. Basically you just show what the case is and the panel decides if it is meritorious or non meritorious. Personally, I think it is a waste of time, but it was interesting nonetheless! So after the hearing, Brad Parker (one of the attorneys I work for) said that he was running late for lunch, and would need me to drive his car back to the office. The Audi?! umm did we just become best friends? So I was feeling great driving the beautiful car back to work, nodding at the jealous looks I got as I passed cars on the freeway. I parked the car and was about to get out when I realized that I couldn't figure out how to get the key out.... It was just pushed into this little slot and you pushed the key in to start or stop the car. Well that was freaking awesome by itself, but not so great when I'm trying to get out of the car! I pushed it on and off, on and off and then finally thought, "I can't believe I'm going to have to call Brad to ask how to get the key out of the ignition." I did, he chuckled, then proceeded to tell me that it should just pop out! I tried again, and after awhile, Brad just said, "It's alright just leave it in the car, I'll grab it when I come back to the office."
Wow I am really not fit to drive an Audi. Oh well, I'll stick with my Mazda. :)


  1. Hmm I remember that place being ok! I hope it hasn't gone down since I was there last. If it has...at least it is next to the dollar theater so you can try and salvage your night! ha ha

  2. Well I'm glad to hear that some people like it!! Yeah good thinking with the dollar theater... we definitely should have thought of that! Good thing you'll be around to help us out :)