April 13, 2010

"I Wish I Could Cross My Arms, And Cross Your Mind"

Ashley and I went to the OWL CITY concert last night!!!!!! It was so amazing!!!! He is.. crazy... haha he was just dancing up there on stage, swinging his arms around, being swept up in the music! haha I loved every second of it! I was a little curious to see how his concert would turn out since he uses the synthesizer so much, but it was great! He actually turned most of his songs into a bunch of rock (?) songs I guess you could say. They certainly weren't mellow that's for sure! As we were waiting for Owl City to get set up everyone was pressing forward trying to get to the front. Ashley and I were pushed up almost 5 feet! It worked out great for us....not so great for the girls screaming behind us. Crocodile tears streamed down their faces as they chose their words delicately to combat the pushing. "Stop bleeping shoving!!" (bleep provided as a courtesy) Claustrophobic maybe? Whatever it was, I don't know what else they were expecting. It's a concert! Being shoved up against all the sweaty people around you is included in the price when you press purchase now on Smithstix. This concert also takes the first prize for the best encore screaming/chanting at the end of the show. Everyone was screaming for an encore, and that's what we got! Good work guys.
Well in conclusion, it was AMAZING! I love concerts. I love music and I love my friend Ashley. What a good night!
P.S. If any of you can identify which owl city song the title of this post is..... you win! haha He has the best lyrics of any other artist I've seen!
Hint: Another line from the song! "I wish I broke Mirrors, Instead of Promises."

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  1. oh i am so jealous. love owl city almost as much as i love being shoved up against sweaty super fans. love it.