May 19, 2010

Careful Baywatch, Here I Come!

I'm finally able to get in the pool at physical therapy now!! Last Saturday Ed Budge let me get into the beautiful pool which was exquisitely set at a temperature somewhere between welcomingly steamy and super great. Hello bliss! I was fully equip with two yellow floaty things around my waste so I didn't touch the bottom. I slipped in the pool, blew a few bubbles to relieve all my excitement and prepared for my exercises. I am to do the AQUA JOG!
Is it just me, or does this sound super cool and intense?!
Well basically, I get to pretend like I'm running in water up and back in the lane. After doing this up and back once, I started laughing. Sometimes I wish I just had a mirror planted next to me during times like this. Eureka! I thought, I have found the secret training that the Baywatch lifeguards use before each show! Poised and controlled, I pumped my arms and legs up and down practicing for my big break as an actress (making sure to add a few hair flips here and there). The lady walking in the lane next to me smiled and then quickly got out of the pool, stating as she left, "looks like my time is up!" I didn't care; I was swimming, my legs were working perfectly with no bum knee to hold me back! Karlie came in to check on me and showed me the next exercise. Flutter kicks! She gave me a floaty swimboard and I kicked as hard as I could. I felt the next appropriate conversation should have been, "now don't drink the water alright?" "k mom!"
Part 2 of my awesome Saturday!
Katie and I were invited to go BOATING!!!! Hello summer! We got ready in a flash, and then set out to Utah Lake with Dave Morrey (someone special to someone that I think is special), Dave Benson (Brooks), Jeff Benson, and Lydia Ray! New friends! I'll say, crutches weren't the best accessory I chose that day, especially combined with my swimsuit, but it turned out great! I brought my new camera and snapped pictures the whole time!

Some of them actually turned out which was a shock to me! I love taking pictures, and hopefully I'm getting closer to my dream of being a real photographer some day... I had a blast, and I'm grateful that everyone let me tag along! Now if it would stop raining, I could really say that I'm glad it's finally summer!
It was definitely a good day. Top 44 I'd say. :)

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  1. i LOVED the imagery in this blog! i can see you running...