May 21, 2010

Mystery of the Thief of Multiples

Anyone wonder why it always happens that when you buy a new package of 8 pens, by the end of a few weeks you're holding on to just one of those 8 pens? Not only have you lost the other 7, but you will keep that one pen for the rest of your life. This one pen is your prized possession, and you would do nothing to injure its parts or cause it to cease to exist. You'll always put it in that safe spot in your backpack and nervously loan it out during a class. Only if the guy is REALLY cute, and even then you eye the pen the whole time making sure he doesn't absent mindedly stuff it in his pocket when class is over. Well today, I have found out that I am not the only person that has this problem! I have a whole bandwagon of followers, including Siegfried & Jensen! This bowl, as displayed below, is famous at my work.

Words to describe it could be: slut, easy, used often, and popular. We have had this bowl in the lunch room for as long as I can remember. Everyone rushes to the lunchroom in hopes that the bowl will still be available for use. Even if someone takes it back to their desk, it is always returned to the cupboard in the lunch room. At one point, a few employees brought 2 or 3 more bowls to allow more than one person to have a chance to heat their soup up in a bowl instead of a Styrofoam plate-yup I've tried it for lunch. Not more than 4 days later those bowls disappeared. There was talk of "it's like the bowls walked out on their own!" but I highly doubt this. However, one bowl still remains. So I wonder, does this happen with other things besides bowls and pens? Do we get a bunch of boyfriends at the same time hoping that at least one of them will stick around and last forever? Should I wear 4 outfits each morning just so that I'll end up with one to last the day? I don't know how well any of these scenarios would turn out, I'm assuming not so well, but you know what happens when you assume. So my moral of this incredibly odd thought process that I've decided to share with you all is this: Buy only one of everything that is needed. Don't fool yourself into thinking you'll use or keep more than that. Just think, adding this break through discovery to your life could be liberating. This life style is simple and cost effective, guaranteed! :)


  1. hailey, you are funny... you really are!! i love this! I hope to see an entry every day so I have something to look forward to!

  2. haha I don't know about every day.... I'll run out of the funny juices! You'll have to help me come up with things to blog about :)