May 27, 2010

You and Me Goin' Fishin' in the Pool

This week has been full of excitement! On Tuesday Jordan graduated from Maple Mountain High which was a little weird.... Jordan is ready to be out of high school, but I can't believe that he's graduated! Time moves so quickly! Since it was a new high school with the first year graduates I thought the ceremony would be really quick, especially with only 178 people graduating. Not so. Even still, we made it through, and left with the best quote of the day.

"And you said you didn't have any friends to take pictures with."-DAD
What is next on the awesome week agenda you ask? Physical Therapy!! I'm only going one day a week now, which is easier on my mom and my pay check, so I was excited to see how I would do with only that one day of therapy. Well it was a sad day not having Karlie there, especially since it was suuper busy. Anyways, to cut to the core of the crazy therapy day. I got in the pool, AQUA JOGged for the 8 minutes and then got ready for my kicks. As I was doing them my mom was keeping me company. While waiting, she brought out a bag of sweedish fish from her purse and asked if I wanted one. Umm yes! "Don't ask, just bring it!"- good old hot rod :) So in my head I pretended I was a seal while my mom got ready to toss the fish in my mouth. The fish was in the air, a perfect toss. I craned my neck with my mouth open wide. If I don't make it as a paralegal, this could be my big break! The Human Seal! Well....... I missed it. That little guy bounced right off my fat lower lip and plopped in the water. Correlating the sweedish fish with a real fish I assumed it would float, but apparently the Sweeds are sinkers. Trying to grab it created a vortex in the water making the fish sink faster. Watching it finally hit the bottom I realized I had quite the predicament on my hands. I'm wrapped in a floaty which will only allow me in the water to my shoulders, and I haven't quite hit the 4 inch growth spurt to reach the bottom of the pool yet. Plus, if I got my hair wet, I would have to shower when I got home.... not okay. Laughing, my mom came over and we tried to figure out how to get it out. Well turns out heaving yourself up and down turns off the magic powers of the floaty device allowing you to grow a bit to get your toes to the bottom. I thought, sweet I'll just be like Anisa and pick it up with my toes! FAIL: a) my toes aren't as talented as Anisa's b) sweedish fish are slimey when joined with water. After many attempts, my mom said to just use my toes to slide it up the wall of the pool and she'd reach down and grab it. Feat for the olympians, but it was worth a shot. Besides, I'm a believer! Carefully shimmying the fish further up the wall, safely snuggled in the crevace of my toes/foot, I slid it up to about my arm pit and then my leg decided it didn't want to bend anymore. My mom reached down and grabbed it. Success! I returned back to my kicks and the rest of therapy wasn't nearly as exciting, but I did get to eat a few sweedish fish later, so I was content.
Thanks Peak Physical Therapy for allowing me to make a fool out of myself and make great memories at the same time.


  1. oh my gosh i feel like an idiot sitting in my office laughing so hard at this all by myself but seriously that was hilarious! i so wish i could have seen this wonderful moment in time! haha. you are hilarious hailey! i love you! haha

  2. okay, you're brother and dad...hello comedians! i miss you. you are great. i love you!!!!

  3. I know they are so funny! haha I miss you! We should probably hang out sometime, I can drive next week (cross your fingers) so I should come see you after work or something!
    Karlie: I'm glad that Paul and Chris got to experience you laughing in the middle of work. :)

  4. NEW CAMERA?! YAY! What kind did you get? Oh I love a new camera. Getting a brand new camera is 10Xs better than any other new thing. Except maybe it's tied with a new car, or new running shoes. But that's it.

    Also, the title of this post is my favorite post title ever.

    Love you.