May 25, 2010

Welcome to the S&J Family!

Siegfried & Jensen presents to you their newest employee.......... KARLIE JENSEN! (and the crowd goes wild! aaahhhh!) Karlie started yesterday, and so far it has been great! I don't ever see her, since we are seperated by a long set of stairs...some people in the middle...and other stuff, but it is fun having her here! We drive up together with my dad (who talks her ear off) and we went to lunch yesterday! I have to say that when Karlie said she wanted the job, warm joy spread throughout my whole entire body like butter sliding down a hot piece of homemade bread! It was almost as if the clouds had parted, and we had sun shine on the ground rather than snow! ( yeah that's right, it snowed the 24th of MAY) The chain of events that resulted in my friend joining the S&J family fell into place perfectly, almost oddly perfect. Even though she won't be at Peak Physical Therapy to massage my knee or help me in the pool, we've worked out a deal that she will continue care for free! What a good friend! (jokes karlie, no worries, i've accepted that your massaging days are over haha) I'm really happy that I will get to see her everyday most likely, EVEN when she gets MARRIED! "Oh, I'm so happy!" (quoting the Emperors New Groove) Well, now that all my dreams have come true, I can thank my lucky stars and smile when I think of how much I love my beautiful friend. :) Love you Kar!

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  1. thank you hailey!! i love you too!!