May 3, 2010

Surgery = DOMINATION!!

Alright, so it's day 4 since my surgery on Thursday! I haven't fallen asleep in the past 5 minutes, so I figure this is a good opportunity to make a post while I have the chance. :) So here's how it's been going!

Surgery: Surgery went really well! I think it was a good thing that I only got about 3 and a half hours of sleep, because I was too tired to be nervous or stressed out about the surgery. Genius. I was brought in, changed into the gown, super ugly brown socks with grippy stuff on the bottom, and a hair cap thing. Basically, I looked like a rockstar. We waited for the doctor and anesthesiologist to show up. Dave (Anesthesiologist) talked to us, then wheeled me into the operation room. I was very curious, so I did ask him one question: "So if I happen to wake up in the middle of surgery, what happens?" He made a few jokes and said that would never happen. With my only worry put to rest, he put me on the operation table, had me put my arms out, said he was going to start with....... and that is all I remember. I didn't even get to count to 10 and only make it to 4 or anything! I was gone. Drugs mix well with my body I guess. He definitely did his job. The first thing I remember after, was that I was extremely cold when I woke up. My mom said I had a million blankets on me already and I was shaking like a leaf. After I warmed up, I was just out of it. I was super tired, and apparently kept asking the same questions over and over again. Other than that I wasn't too crazy... sorry! I was hoping to be able to share some weird story. My parents said they talked to Dr. Wallentine after surgery and he said he used 4 strands of my hamstring, bent my knee back and forth to get it in there as tight as possible. Good work! :) I went home, and slept!

Day 1: Not much of an appetite at all. I had a graham cracker every 4 hours when I was suppose to take a pain pill, but that was about it. I didn't really get nautious, but got very light headed if I ever had to get up to go to the bathroom. Today I fainted on my mom. I was coming back from the bathroom and my ears started to get all fuzzy, I got the cold sweats, and I couldn't see anything. I said, Mom, I think I might faint, and I was gone. My mom ran over, tried to hold me up for a while, but then slowly slid me down to the floor. I sat there for awhile, until it passed. I am not a big fan of that feeling at all. So that was fun... I had my first day of Physical Therapy today. I was really stiff, but able to lift it up on my own which was good! By the end though, I was falling asleep as we were setting up my next appointment. The rest of the day I slept for the most part. Karlie and Jake came over and baby sat me for awhile though! They brought Zupas and we also had Zubs sticks and cheese sticks.. soo good! We watched the Big Bang Theory all night long. :) They are so great!

Day 2: Dad took me to PT this morning at 7:30am! I love that Karlie gets to help me with PT every time I go! It makes it so much more enjoyable! I didn't do as well today, but still not bad, getting there! I came home, slept, and then Katie, Karlie and Jake came over to visit me after their soccer game! We watched the Big Bang Theory, and I was able to stay awake for most of it! They left, I slept, watched a movie with my parents, and then slept some more. That night, Parker was on a camp out, and Jordan was working, so it was just my mom, dad and myself! We had an awesome dinner, and then played Skip-Bo and Yahtzee! After that, I went to bed. haha

Day 3: Mom was nice enough to sacrifice not going to church for staying home and taking care of me. While everyone was at church, mom and I watched Enchanted and just hung out. We made Paninis which were absolutely amazing! They tasted professional! (That honey mustard sauce makes all the difference!) Dad came home to 'check on me' and we all just sat around and talked. I slept a lot again. Mom took a nap and then Dad, Parker and I were trying to find a movie to watch. After a good 15 minutes of deciding, Dad was nice to me and let me pick. So I chose Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs, one of my new favorites! My family didn't like it very much, but I was convinced that if they saw it again they would love it like I do! Well.... 5 minutes into the movie I was asleep..... oops.... Later I painted my fingernails and we watched the Jazz allow the Lakers to beat them in Game 1. More sleeping!

Day 4: Physical Therapy has now become the main event of my day.... haha Sad, but it's true. today I did really well though, I got all the way around, a full rotation on the bike, everytime around for 12 minutes!! I even got to learn a new exercise today! Ed stretched me out today and I was able to bend to 120 degrees! That was huge!! So I'm really proud of that!! I've been trying really hard to work hard on this! So we'll see! Today I got to shower!! Which was hard... but definitely needed. :) Now I'm going up to my apartment to try and move some of my stuff home. We are trying to sell our apartment right now since Karlie is getting married, and I think we might have a buyer! So I gotta get my crap out, which sucks because I can't help. My family has been so great throughout this whole thing. I owe them big time!! I hope that every one has a wonderful day today! I'm starting to fall asleep, so I gotta end this. Night! :)

I'm on the road to recovery! DOMINATION!!


  1. HAILEY!
    Oh my goodness I didn't even know you were having a surgery... When did you tear your ACL?! Dah!! I'm glad to hear you're getting better. The month before the wedding, my husband had knee surgery and was OUT for a couple of weeks. That pain medication made him say the funniest things. Love it!
    It sounds like you're making the most of a bummer situation... paninis and Enchanted, Yatzee and hangin with the parents. You're the best! Let me know if you need anything...

    Love you.

  2. Kellie, I tore my ACL on February 15th in an indoor coed soccer game... I had to wait until school got out to have surgery so I've definitely been ready to get this done! He had to fix my torn meniscus as well, so I'm on crutches for 6 weeks.. lame! I should have taken Ryan's pain medication, because all mine does is make me sleep! haha I'm sure that was fun, I've heard some crazy stories about people on drugs :) Thanks for your concern! You're great! I hope Ryan is doing okay from his surgery! Love you!!