October 10, 2010


What a fabulous day!! If you haven't noticed the date of today is 10-10-10. If Karlie was as obsessed with her favorite number as I am with mine, she'd be having a big celebration today! No matter, I'll have a nice little blog celebration for her. :) Besides figuring out three different things that I can do each 10 times in a row, I had a fantastic Sunday! Today was fast Sunday which has come to be my favorite Sunday of the month. This has not always been the case, quite the opposite in fact. I loathed fast Sunday. Jordan, Parker and I would sneak fruit snacks in our pockets to church for the times that we were too hungry to think straight. We just wanted to save our grumbling stomachs from being a distraction to others right? We were so courteous, even at a young age... Now, my focus for fast Sunday has changed from the lack of food in my tummy, to being more sensitive to the spirit. It's weird how we grow up huh? Who knew... Today the spirit was so strong through every person that got up to share their testimony. I'm grateful that I was able to be in that sacrament meeting and for those that were there with me. I believe that we are all put where we are at for a reason. Our choices have gotten us there, but the people around us have been divinely placed in our lives. I hope that we all stop and think of 10 things that we are grateful for in our lives today.
Here is my list:

1] The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, My Heavenly Father and Savior
2] Family
3] Friends
4] Trials
5] Perspective
6] Vans shoes
7] The life that I have to live, laugh at and love
8] The movie "UP"
9] Nature: making pictures beautiful
10] Seasons

Also, just for the fact that this is a cool day, I'll show you a cool picture that my brother sent me. He's a pretty cool dude himself :)

Look carefully.. it's a bit deceiving. :)

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  1. Thank you Hailey Darling! It was greatly appreciated! And that picture is freaking sweet!! ha ha