October 22, 2010

A Little Octobering

Yesterday Spencer, Kaylyn and I carved pumpkins!! You can't go through October and the Halloween holiday without some crazy pumpkin carving, so we carved! My dreams for a pristine, beautifully spooky pumpkin carving were sent packing when Kaylyn insisted that we carve them freestyle, rather than from using a stencil. What?! Leaving something this important up to my creativity?! I won't lie, I'm an idea stealer. I may add a few variations to call it my own, but anything creative that I've done, has been done before.... Needless to say, this challenge was... well... a challenge. I tried to imagine carving cute little ghosts (those kept looking like bowling pins), a spooky haunted house (I could almost get the house part), or even frankenstein (aka lego man). Each one was a failed attempt and I was only drawing them out on a piece of paper. So..... I resorted to carving a face! Turns out the brainstorm wasn't storming very well and so we all ended up carving faces. Kaylyn was the one that started it all, so looks like she gets the credit for this one! Here they are:

I'd like to call it...... Jack O' Lantern

Kaylyn's pumpkin knocked my socks off! She carved the man from the Nightmare Before Christmas (or whatever it's called). She did a great job!! (wait... his name is Jack?)

And Spencer was so nice to make ours look good! ;) Jokes his turned out awesome too!
The knives definitely add a certain something.....

Sheesh I love that girl.

Clever Spencer... haha what a cool dude.

With this many pictures it looks like I just spoke 7 thousand words.... but in case you didn't pick up on it, we had a blast! Thanks October.
Oh! To go along with the Octobering, I got to work and found this little present from my beautiful mother.....

It was "yummy!" Thanks mom!! Isn't she so great?

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