October 13, 2010


Yesterday was Kyle's Birthday!!!!!!! Oh what a splendid birthday it was for Kyle! Who is this Kyle person you ask?
I don't know.
When the reminder on my phone beeped "Kyle's Birthday!" I instantly sent my friend a text wishing him Happy Birthday. Although I did hesitate in doing so because he recently got married. (Awkward situation of are we still friends even though I am a member of the opposite sex and you are married?) I figured a nice little Happy Birthday text wouldn't do too much harm so I proceeded forward. Well it turns out that it wasn't my friend Kyle's birthday, but he welcomed the mistake as an excuse to catch up. Not my intention, but hey it made me look less retarded. So to you..... Kyle..... Happy Birthday yesterday. I don't know who you are, but I apologize for making you think that I missed your birthday. I even consulted with facebook to try and figure it out and got nothing... Epic Fail.
From now on, I will no longer be on a first name basis. That last name will be permenentaly stuck right behind it. Don't be weirded out if I decide to use your full name when I talk to you in person either. Besides, full names are fun to say. Especially if you have a very sophistocated name.
"Don't they know you are suppose to have a last name?
It's like an entire generation of cocktail waitresses."
You've Got Mail

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  1. Didn't you learn for Karlie's "Rob" situation? That is what I thought of when I read this. haha good times!