October 8, 2010

Gene Kelly Says, "Good Mornin'!"

Listen to this song and smile. This is what I wake up to each morning. :) haha I was searching for a good alarm sound and thought, what gets you out of bed like good ol' Gene Kelly?! You would think that I would get sick of that song playing every morning, especially when it means I have to get out of my nice warm bed but in fact I grow to love it even more each day! This song's tune is extremely contagious so I subconsciously whistle it in the shower and as I get ready in the morning. It definitely starts my day off right!
Although..... I have to admit something.....
I've never seen Singing in the Rain
all the way through...

I've seen parts, but I've never sat down and watched it! I know, I know, I can feel your disbelief and anger and I definitely have those same feelings towards myself. So, to make things right in this world again, watching Singing in the Rain has made it on to my bucket list! Any of you are welcome to watch it with me if you'd like!
Speaking of rain... I LOVE RAIN! What I love even more than rain is snow; but I can be patient.... hopefully. Just like my good friend said it best in here, I can't wait to go puddle jumping in my rain boots! They are cute and polka dotted and all rain boot-ie :) Thank you Target! I also love the rain for how it intensifies all the colors around. All the grass looks nice and plush, yup the word plush just happened even though the sky is a tad more grey the clouds are still magnificent, and my lovely car looks extra fantastic ;) You can't forget how great rain smells though.... That is another favorite. Can you have too many favorites??
P.S. don't mind the subtitles in who knows what language that is on the bottom of the youtube video.... weird?! haha

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